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Me! Usually not that angry ^__^Not really sure what I could write on this page here. Perhaps some info about me?

I’m a regular Swiss guy who’s currently working part-time as an Android developer in Tokyo for a small game- and fun-app company. Although the main reason why I came to Tokyo is to study Japanese. So far I enjoy my time here, even though it’s a kind of difficult life as a foreigner here.

I created this blog mainly for myself to keep an archive of code snippets for later reference. Too many times I have to research for a solution for days or sometimes even weeks. That’s why it’s important to keep the found information at a safe place (like this blog here, hehe). So why not help other people by sharing it? I hope you find use of this blog to find solutions for your Android coding problems.

If you have anything interesting to contribute to this blog or find some errors just send me a message.



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  1. alen sagt:


    I downloaded, compiled and installed your „Add a repeating AlarmManager to the Android autostart…“ sample project on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone… works fine!

    But how do you stop it???

    Do I have to deinstall it, add some „quit-code“ and reinstall or do you have a better suggestion?

    Looking forward in hearing from you

    P.S. you may answer in German, if you like

    Best wishes,

    • enatureadmin sagt:

      Hey Alen. I’m writing in English so other readers can understand the comment, too.
      The example doesn’t bring a „stop“ function with it. If you want to stop if you have to uninstall the app. If you want to make your own app with that feature you would have to add code to stop the notification (i.e. through a settings-screen).
      Hope that helps!

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